with Grace Healing Collective


sound massage

Gently vibrating singing bowls are placed on and near the body, softly massaging and harmonising each individual body cell through sound. The focus is on deep relaxation. Many people experience feeling returned to themselves. The sound touches and moves the body, spirit and soul. Such deep relaxation allows for the relief of tension and blockages in the body, as well as the letting go of old patterns and thoughts. A new order can emerge from the clearing created. The effect can be harmonising, revitalising and regenerating. Self-healing, self-confidence, creativity and motivation are nourished. Each massage is tailored to the specific needs and wishes of the client. 


60 minute treatment CHF 120

Gift vouchers available


mama & baby sound bath


Babies love the soft, gentle sounds of the singing bowls. Mum or Dad can relax and enjoy a sound bath while baby lies on or near them. If baby falls asleep you could extend into a 60 minute session and have an individual sound massage. The focus is on the relaxation of both baby and parent and appointments are flexible and family-friendly. The perfect gift for a new parent, or one in need of some TLC. 


45 minute treatment CHF 90

Gift vouchers available


breathwork & sound 

An ancient active meditation technique, breathwork is a gentle way to release old emotions and patterns. The Pranayama breathwork technique allows for a gentle - yet at times profound - emotional detox. The session is split into three parts: a discussion about your wishes, a 20 minute sound massage to relax and centre the body, and active breathwork meditation. 


90 minute session CHF 180

Gift vouchers available

The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration. The sound breaks tension, mobilises self healing forces, and sets free creative energies.
— Peter Hess