Terms & conditions

Cancellation policy

Appointments for treatments must be cancelled a minimum of 24 hours prior to the commencement time or they will be charged. For appointments on a Monday/following a public holiday, appointments must be cancelled by close-of-business on the Friday/final business day prior to the holiday period (or they will be charged). Please check the event cancellation policy of individual events (if no cancellation policy is explicitly stated, then treatment cancellation policy described above applies).

Health & wellness policy

In becoming a client, you understand and acknowledge that treatments/events/coaching/consulting/other services provided are not a replacement for medical or other professional instruction, nor do they seek to be. Their intent is to promote self-awareness, self-healing and powerful insight/decision making. You take part at your own responsibility and expense, including the arrangement of your own insurances and the self-management of any personal medical conditions/allergies. 

Insurance & liability policy

In becoming a client, you understand and acknowledge that you are responsible for the arrangement and expense of any insurances. You participate at your own risk and release Sarah Davies De Paola and co-workers of any liability or wrongdoing.

On behalf of a third party

If you arrange for a third-party to become a client, you attest that you have their permission to arrange this on their behalf and that you assume responsibility for this person as per the terms and conditions outlined on this site.