Sound therapy


Why is sound so powerful?

Sound is an elemental part of our existence. We live in a constant dance with sound & its vibrations.

Our entire physical world consists of vibrating energy. Each & every object vibrates to a unique resonant frequency. This includes the estimated 30 trillion cells that make up the human body.

Human bodies are 70 per cent water, meaning we are natural born conductors of sound. This relationship with resonance is primal — it dates back to our experiences as unborn babies.

Sound therapy is a tool for bringing harmony & balance to our bodies & surroundings. Sound massages & sound baths harness the gentle yet profound therapeutic properties of sound. Sound meditations & sound journeys are powerful tools for visualisation & manifestation.

Benefits of sound therapy

Sound softly massages & harmonises each individual body cell

Deep relaxation & replenishment

Primal reaction — a sense of homecoming

Relief of tension & blockages in the body

The letting go of old patterns, thoughts & dynamics

A new order can emerge from the clearing created

Harmonising, revitalising & regenerating

Promotes self-healing

Self-confidence, creativity & motivation are nourished

A method to unleash creativity & receive insight


Sound massage

Sound massage is primarily a holistic relaxation method. Therapy-grade singing bowls are positioned on and/or around the dressed body and gently struck using different felt mallets. This creates a sound space which really embraces the client. The harmonic sounds calm the mind, the smooth sound vibrations gently stimulate the body – immediately providing for pleasant relaxation. Thoughts come to rest, tensions are relieved gently. Regeneration at all levels is possible.


Treatment options

Sound massage: 60 minute treatment CHF 120

2-person private sound bath: 60 minute session CHF 160

Sound massage & chakra balancing: 90 minute treatment CHF 160

Sound massage & breathwork: 90 minute treatment CHF 160

Private yoga & sound bath: please contact me to discuss

Gift vouchers available


Sound events

Sound baths, sound journeys & sound meditations bring the healing benefits of sound to both small and large groups. Sound baths immerse participants in the therapeutic vibrations of singing bowls, chimes & gongs. During meditation the rhythmic vibration of singing bowls assists the mind in quickly “switching off” & allows for a deeply relaxing experience. Sound journeys utilise the power of sound to support self-healing, creativity & manifestation.


Pregnancy & fourth-trimester support

Sound massages / sound baths are a beautiful way to connect with your body and growing baby during pregnancy. In the months following birth, they also offer a family-friendly therapy where the gentle sound waves relax and nourish both mother and baby. The focus is on the relaxation of both baby and parent.At my practice, a special Shiatsu floor mat is used. Appointments are also available at your home during late pregnancy / following birth (upon request).


The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration. The sound breaks tension, mobilises self healing forces, and sets free creative energies.
— Peter Hess


Therapy grade singing bowls

Sound healing has a very long history & a large variety of schools, techniques & materials exist. I have chosen to work with Peter Hess® Therapy Bowls, which have been refined for over 30 years for use in professional therapeutic settings. The bowls are specifically designed for placement on the body &, given each area of our body displays a unique resonance behaviour, I use a range of different bowls in my practice.

Zaphir Shanti Chimes

These beautiful chimes bring the seasons & elements of Feng Shui into our treatments, events & spaces. Handmade for over 30 years by Atelier Zaphir in the French Pyrenees, the chimes are made for optimal sound & resonance & according to ecological principles. I am happy to offer a range of chimes for sale at my practice & events - also available online via the button below.