Top tips for staying in touch across the globe

Perth is one of the most isolated capital cities in the world. Growing up there, on the west coast of Australia, I saw it as normal for my Sydney-based family to live in a different time zone and for long-distance phone calls to take place on reduced-rate Sundays. A move to Switzerland meant even longer distances: it takes about a day to fly home and I’ve developed love-hate relationships with dodgy Skype connections, missed FaceTime calls and group WhatsApp chats that ping through the night. Last year I became friends with Katia Vlachos – an expat transition coach based in Zurich – and discovered that there is an entire field of professionals focused on supporting families making global moves. Because she is herself a global nomad, I’ve asked Katia to share her top tips for staying in touch with loved ones across the globe. 

Read the full article here. Written for Family Matters Switzerland.

Sarah Davies De Paola