Plant-based. No artificial preservatives or genetically modified raw ingredients. Environmentally-friendly and ethical.

Therapeutic-grade pure essential oils. Grown responsibly, harvested and distilled effectively.

Both these brands — and their products — now play a central role in my home and practice. I love that they approach business positively, care for our environment and humanity and, importantly, produce high quality (and high energy) products that work.

doTerra essential oils are the finest I’ve come across to date. I’m extremely sensitive to smell and appreciate the purity of these oils. At home, doTerra oils have become a staple in our bathroom, kitchen, medicine cabinet and cleaning supplies cupboard. The energy shifts in our home when we clean it with essential oils.

Even through their packaging, my hands are drawn to the high vibrational energy of Ringana products. The products have an expiry date and a short-shelf life due to their freshness — this is why they are sold through consultants, such as myself, and not in shops. You receive the freshest possible products to nourish your body.

“Nature’s a lot better at inventing wonders than we are.”

- Carl Sagan