Things I love…

Things you might love…

Links to sources of inspiration for group meditations:

  • The great vibes and yoga classes at Ayur Yoga Center in Enge.

  • My little sister Lara Davies’ book - Print Play - with her friend and business partner Jess Wright. They’re both textile designers and screen printers and run Home-Work together in Melbourne, Australia.

  • The wonderful osteopath Isabel Durrer working together with her mother Monika (also an osteopath and a doctor) from their practice in Frauenfeld.

  • The most beautiful and heart-wrenching and exquisite letter from a dying mother to her two daughters. A stunning reminder to live.

  • Inspiration for group meditation at MALAYOGA for the week starting Monday 21 January 2019:

    • The beautiful and inspiring MYSTIC MAMMA website and its generous sharing of information and resources. If you don’t already know it, then please take the time to have a read, fall in love with the gorgeous graphics and follow their Instragram account for an enchanting source of soul nourishment.

    • Many Moons workbooks and Many Moons 2019 planner, lovingly put together by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener of @gottesss. A fabulous and honest source of inspiration and wisdom.

  • Tarot readings by Rashunda Tramble of Stay Woke Tarot. Seriously. Get one. Now.

  • Reducing my plastics with beeswax paper (the first lot are from Swiss brand Eco-Tsapi).

  • Cutting down on synthetic and chemical personal care products with Melvita, Khadi, Farfalla, Couleur Caramel and Less is More.