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Copenhagen: Full Moon Intention-Setting Breathwork

Full Moon Intention-Setting Breathwork

Tidspunkt: 16. Jun., kl 17:00 
Varighed: 180 minutter 
Tovholder: Elizabeth

June’s Full Moon is the perfect opportunity to embrace the pulse and energy of summer. The theme for the session is Big Life Decisions - take the chance to breathe life into the choices you need to make. The Full Moon provides us with powerful intention-setting energy. 

Deep connected breaths will move energy in the body. In a safe and supported space, the simple conscious connected breathing pattern is a tool for self-exploration and can release negative emotions, stress, self-doubt, sadness, and fears. As with many ancient breath practices the quest is to seek clarity and balance. 

The session will be led by Elizabeth Rankich and Sarah Davies De Paola. 

The group session will begin with a short talk and move into the breathwork session where you lie down comfortably. During the session, we use essential oils and offer sound-healing therapy with (Peter Hess) Tibetan bowls. The scents and sound vibrations allow deep muscle relaxation and help to release tension and blockages in both the physical body as well as the subtle energy field. 

In this breathwork session, we will offer proven tools, guidance, support, ideas, and provocations for people that are ready to release limitations that hold them back. We will employ the breathwork method that has helped so many align, experience deep relaxation, encounter their spiritual selves and live a centered life. 

I hope you will join us! 

Time: Suday, June 16th, 5 - 8pm 
Place: Tinkuy, Badstuestræde 13, København 

Price: 220,- kr. (Members 110,- kr) 
Two free spots for Tinkuy complete members. 
We will be a small group with a limited number of places. 
Register please email me:

More about Elizabeth 
I intuitively facilitate breathwork, sound healing, and creating safe and sacred space for individuals, groups, and teams. With a background in business, I have broken through my own reluctance of being a channel for opening up potential and healing in others. I route my drive and passion into people, projects, teams, ideas and companies that champion human potential and positive change. 

More about Sarah 
Sarah works as a holistic therapist - offering breathwork, reiki, sound therapy and pranic healing - and also runs a communications consultancy. She’s spent over a decade providing communications guidance to executives in the Swiss financial sector, specialising in areas such as thought leadership, crisis communications, reputation management and leadership communications. With a foot firmly in both worlds, she provides a bridge between the corporate and the more esoteric worlds - living her mantra of a holistic approach to life, one that embodies all aspects of ourselves.