Corporate wellness


Group wellness possibilities

Guided meditation through breathwork, sound therapy or a combination of the two.

Suited to small, medium or large groups.

Flexible duration - from a session lasting an hour to a whole tailor-made retreat wellness program.


Sound journey / sound bath

  • Deep relaxation & replenishment

  • A powerful tool for visualisation & motivation

  • Releases blockages & negative patterns/dynamics

  • A method to unleash creativity & receive insight

  • Form of community building requiring no touch & no discussions

  • Allows for both an individual & collective experience


  • Reduces stress & releases tension

  • Increases clarity & calmness

  • Promotes creativity & productivity

  • Eliminates negative patterns & beliefs

  • Brings a level of intimacy to groups

  • Best suited to a trusting & safe environment and/or self-selection by participants



Individual corporate offerings

Treat your employees to individual sessions — either at your location or my practice in Enge.


Sound massage

  • Sound softly massages & harmonises each individual body cell.

  • Deep relaxation & a sense of homecoming.

  • Relief of tension & blockages in the body,

  • The letting go of old patterns & thoughts.

  • A new order can emerge from the clearing created.

  • Harmonising, revitalising & regenerating.

  • Promotes self-healing.

  • Self-confidence, creativity & motivation are nourished.

Energetic balancing

  • A natural system of energy healing, Reiki is deeply relaxing for the body, mind & spirit. Hands are placed near or on the body to channel Universal Life Force (Rei) Energy (Ki) & balance the chakras.

  • Elements of pranic healing may be integrated also.

  • The focus of Reiki & pranic healing is to promote an individual’s innate self-healing abilities.



Holistic coaching packages

Combine Co-Active Coaching with alternative wellness treatments for a holistic approach to coaching.