Corporate & leadership communications consulting

communications business partner

Define your communications approach, priorities and objectives. Whether you are a seasoned executive, a new business owner or an artist, as your communications business partner I support you in identifying your unique voice and messaging. We start with the big-picture and then zoom in on the details. 


communications planning

Maybe you already have a specific communications goal in mind? My job is to help you reach it by developing and/or implementing a detailed communications plan. The plan will break-down your communications objectives into achievable steps and actions.  Together we craft an effective and professional plan to suit your needs, budget and objectives. 


campaign planning

Campaigns are a great way to deliver key messages to specific target audiences over a defined period of time. They are one of the many tools used as part of a wider communications plan. There's a campaign style to suit all situations: perhaps a new product warrants something "punchy" and exciting, while a lobbying topic requires a discreet and in-person approach.


strategic reviews

Need someone to challenge and/or enrich an already existing plan? Perhaps you're looking for a refresh of your current communications or campaigning approach? Or  maybe you're wanting a review of your systems and process: Is content being leveraged for maximum effect? Are publications being produced in an optimal manner? Are the right issues and topics being addressed? Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can provide small but impactful tweaks. 


crisis communications

Potential crisis situations require pre-prepared communications plans. Often multiple plans are required for differing potential outcomes. I'm experienced in communications consulting for actual and potential crisis events.  


Editorial services


Publications, news articles, feature articles, speeches, presentations, social media content... you name it, I've written it. My style ranges from conversational and light to serious and technical. I've prepared executive byliners for international news outlets, blog posts for topic experts, speeches for international governmental and industry events, text for financial reports... 


editing & proofreading

Fast, effective and very thorough. You can count on me to go over your work with a fine-tooth comb. Depending on the level of editing desired, I can also make suggestions for improvement and re-writing. 


publications management

Are you looking to create a plan for what publications you will produce when? Or do you already have a publication in mind and need someone to work out the timeline, content delivery options, review rounds and sign-off process? I can create a plan for you to implement, or I can manage this process for you. I'm experienced in translating corporate ideas into creative content and can liaise effectively with design agencies, photographers and printers.


content planning

Map out what content is needed when. Content planning gives you peace of mind that all deliverables are on track - it is clear who is responsible for what,  processes are in place to ensure deadlines are met and you've double-checked all required topics and themes are covered. Content planning is a great tool for large events and campaigns. 


Communications consulting for start-ups

business development coaching

Starting out and looking to define your unique message and communications approach? Combine coaching and communications consulting to sharpen your focus and get your plans down on paper.