Co-Active Coaching places you in the forefront. It asks you to remember what you value and aspire to. You have all the answers inside of you. You’ve got exactly what’s needed to bring about the transformation you crave.

My job, as a Co-Active Coach, is to:

  • ask you pertinent questions,

  • listen for self-honesty and challenge you when it wanes,

  • hold you to account for promises you make to yourself, and

  • remind you who you really are and what you’re committed to.

Interested in learning more about how I coach? Some client testimonials are below. If it sounds like we’re a good match, then let’s set up a 20-minute curiosity call.



Sarah was my coach at a time that I dearly wanted to resolve some deeply-rooted issues with my brother and my relationship with him. Her approach was always extremely warm and supportive, and she immediately created a deep level of trust and safety in our relationship. This allowed me to share openly about this very personal situation that had developed over many years and had really shattered my confidence.
But what really helped me to make huge progress in my relationship with my brother, was the way she fearlessly (but gently) challenged me to get to the core of my long-held beliefs and see many aspects of this relationship with a new and more compassionate perspective.
Since these sessions with Sarah, I’ve spent some truly lovely quality time with my brother. My rediscovered confidence and new perspectives helped us to connect on a deeper and much more equal level. I’ll always, always be grateful to Sarah for her support.

- Ann, Switzerland

Sarah is one of the most naturally gifted coaches I’ve ever worked with. She is intuitive, straightforward and encouraging in her approach, and always inspires me to take action. Sarah truly is a catalyst; she sees the path where others can’t and helps navigate perceived obstacles and roadblocks with grace and ease. I can’t describe how much Sarah has helped me grow and expand, both professionally and personally. She is a game-changer!

- Kristin Lohr, Founder of We are Soul Sparks, Chicago