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An active meditation technique

Breathe is life. Breathwork is a self-healing tool for a radiant life. An ancient active meditation technique, breathwork is a gentle way to release old emotions, energies & patterns.

The Pranayama breathwork technique allows for a gentle - yet at times profound - emotional detox.

Bringing control & consciousness to your breath allows for the release of negative emotions, stress, self-doubt, sadness & fears. A continued breathwork practice can bring about profound personal transformation.


When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.
— Unknown

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What’s possible?

Release tension
Increase self-awareness
Clear your mind
Reduce anxiety
Resolve old emotions
Release limiting thoughts
Increase flow & energy
Provide clarity around challenges
Awaken your intuitive abilities


Treatment options

Individual breathwork session (in person or online): 60 minute session CHF 120

Individual breathwork & sound therapy (in person): 90 minute session CHF 160

Gift vouchers available


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Breathwork retreat for women

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