About Sarah


Holistic healing

I have a special focus on the transitional and transformation periods of life: the milestones of birth and death, and all the big, magical and heart-awakening transitions that mark our journey between them.

Sound therapy: A certified Peter Hess®-Sound Massage Practitioner, I offer sound massages, sound baths and sound-led meditations using Peter Hess® Therapy Quality Singing Bowls. I have completed additional training to support women through pregnancy with sound, as well as to lead group sound events. Towards the end of 2019 I will complete specialised training in palliative care through sound. I am a member of the European Professional Association for Sound Massage Therapy.

Breathwork therapy: I've trained in breathwork therapy with David Elliot and am a certified practitioner of his Pranayama-based breathwork technique.

Energetic work: I am trained in both Reiki and pranic healing, among other techniques. I’m currently training as an Associate Pranic Healer with the Swiss Pranic Healing Institute, having completed all prerequisite training over recent years. I have also trained in other schools of energy healing during the last two decades, with teachers from Australia, England and Switzerland. I specialise in guided chakra meditations.

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Corporate services

We are entering a new way of doing business. One which places greater value on community, positive impact and working environments that nourish the mind, body and soul.

We stand stronger when taking a holistic approach to life. Our passions — be they our families, our communities, our spirituality, our work — thrive when we are grounded and owning all elements of ourselves.

In coming home to ourselves through a natural lifestyle and natural therapies, we open up a new level of honesty and authenticity in our life. My work focuses on the transitional and transformation periods of life: the milestones of birth and death and all the big, magical and heart-awakening transitions that mark our journey in-between.

We’re also transforming as a collective. Businesses will thrive by valuing community, taking responsibility for their impact, and creating environments to nourish the mind, body and soul of both staff and clients.

Being highly-trained in both business and natural therapies, I can provide a great bridge between the two via corporate wellness events and holistic coaching.



I am a trained Co-Active Coach, having trained in Zurich with the Coaches Training Institute, the world's oldest and largest coach training school. Co-Active Coaching empowers self-transformation, whether that be in the workplace or as part of the self-development process which accompanies many natural therapies.


On a personal note…

My family is based in Zurich but I'm originally from Australia.
While I love forests, mountains and deep blue lakes, I crave the wind, salty air, sunrises and sunsets I grew up with.
Not to mention those wide-open, star-filled night skies… 
And the morning song of birds.
My husband is Swiss and Italian. We have two gorgeous and wide-eyed kids — they really are our best teachers in life.
I was once going to have a novel published but never delivered the second draft. It’s still very much on my mind.
I love making lists.
I’m quite good at baking cakes.
I’ve always been obsessed with mood lighting, the smell of freshly crushed gum leaves, rosemary and lavender.