Sarah Davies De Paola
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I am a senior communications expert based in Zurich. A trained journalist and editor, I've freelanced and been on-staff for newspapers and magazines. Government departments, multinationals, universities and start-ups are among my current and previous clients. With over a decade's experience in large, global financial institutions, I've worked with all levels of management, including C-suite members and renown topic experts.

My areas of expertise include: thought leadership, issues management, reputation management, crisis communications, stakeholder management, internal and external communications, and campaign planning and implementation. I'm also a passionate writer, a very thorough editor and proofreader, and have years of experience in creating publications. 




Sound therapy: A certified Peter Hess®-Sound Massage Practitioner, I offer sound massages, sound baths and sound-led meditations using Peter Hess® Therapy Quality Singing Bowls. I am a member of the European Professional Association for Sound Massage Therapy. 

Breathwork therapy: I've trained in breathwork therapy with David Elliot and am a certified practitioner of his Pranayama-based breathwork technique. 

Pranic healing: I’m currently certifying as an Associate Pranic Healer with the Swiss Pranic Healing Institute, having completed all prerequisite training over recent years. I have also trained in other schools of energy healing during the last two decades, with teachers from Australia, England and Switzerland.

Coaching: I am a trained Co-Active Coach, having trained in Zurich with the Coaches Training Institute, the world's oldest and largest coach training school. While not an alternative therapy, Co-Active Coaching empowers self-transformation and can nicely compliment the self-development process which accompanies many alternative therapies.



I know the thrill of the "they are doing exactly what I want to be doing" moment. For me, it took 35+ years for that moment to arrive. Those years of searching are the reason I love publishing interviews with inspirational women. It's about showing that there's a multitude of different ways you can live, work, love, heal and show up in the world. 


on a personal note

My family is based in Zurich, but I'm originally from Australia. While I love forests, mountains and deep blue lakes, I crave the wind, salty air, sunrises and sunsets I grew up with. Not to mention those wide-open, star-filled night skies… 

Sarah is one of the most naturally gifted coaches I’ve ever worked with. She is intuitive, straightforward and encouraging in her approach, and always inspires me to take action. Sarah truly is a catalyst; she sees the path where others can’t and helps navigate perceived obstacles and roadblocks with grace and ease. I can’t describe how much Sarah has helped me grow and expand, both professionally and personally. She is a game-changer!
— Kristin Lohr, Founder "We are Soul Sparks"